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August 11, 2018

Grand Opening of a Third Space Pottery Studio at 7 Frank Street in St. Catharines.


 June 19, 2018

Nuture or Nature? One of the guys using my studio is a high school teacher here in St.Catharines. He’s the teacher we all want our kids to have…the one who loves his job and the kids he teaches. He gave his grade 9 students a lump of clay each and asked them to make mugs…then brought them to me to glaze and fire. Some eyes, some handles, some ears didn’t survive the trip, but look at what these kids with absolutely no experience made! #teachers#Niagara #pottery #creative #cups

      Christmas Market, pottery and more December 9th, 2017



heartsUnion Jack Bowl

Barr Sisters "Row" Mugmore Maple Leafish Mugs

Bluebird Bowl     Bluebird Bowl

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